Multiple books bound into one vol.

This causes a retrieval problem because the spine does not reflect the item being requested.

1. A seperate bib. record is required for each title in the bound vol. The record must contain a 591 tag (institution specific with note) containing "bound with" information. e.g.

591 # # $a Spine title: Insert the title ...
591 # # $a Spine title of bound vol.: Insert title ...
591 # # $a Cover title of NL copy: The title inserted ...
591 # # $a Spine title of N copy: Insert the title here ...

900 # # $a Bound with ... as needed.

2. The holdings

852 1 # $b GENY $k YY $h 248.2 $i C784 $l Garden and other tracts
866 # 0 $z YY hbk

The OPAC appears as:-

Collect from : Main Reading Room (Overseas Monographs Collection)
Call Number : YY 248.4 C784
Cover/Spine title: Garden and other tracts
Status: Available
Items/Idssues held: YY hbk

3. Item record

Attach the barcode placed in the bound volume to the item record for the first title.

For the remaining item records use retro barcodes.

There is a spreadsheet where you can find the list of dummy barcodes at:

J:\Barcodes for Voyager\Dummy Barcodes List.xls

All of the above is a summary of the notes located at:-

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