Institution specific note

500   $a National Library copy signed by author. $5 ANL

CD or DVD with book

Fixed fields 006 and 007

300 # #  $a 343 p. ; $c23 cm. + $e1 CD-ROM (4 ¾ in.)

Notes 506 Restrictions on access field (for a standalone disc that can’t be opened on a networked PC)
506 # #  $a Administrator PC required.

538 # #  $a System requirements for accompanying disk: IBM PC or compatible; MS Word 6 or 7.
538 # #  $a System requirements for accompanying CD-ROM: IBM-Compatible PC; 8 Mb RAM (16 Mb recommended); 20 Mb hard disk space; Windows 98, 95 or 3.x; 486DX or higher processor; CD-ROM drive; Sound card (optional); Super VGA (256 colours)

583 # #  $a Digital content preserved $5ANL
*This is added only if the item is selected for preservation, see notes below for Digital preservation via PROMETHEUS

For catalogued examples of electronic material please view the following records ISBN 0455216800 and ISBN 0957934408.


035 # # $9315664  =  old Dyix nos.


Notes in the catalog record based on AACR2 and LC rule interpretations / By Jerry D. Saye Sherry L. Vellucci.


Leave existing 653’s in when importing records and always add the 653 for ‘Australian’ when it applies (material containing intellectual connections to Australia).


Vietnamese diacritics

From the windows button at the bottom left search OSK and then in the bottom tool bar select the EN and choose VI

Also can search for charmap = character map

Also can use ctrl + e

Pacific Book House

Make sure photocopies cover all the material. There is a tendency to crop off the end of sentences.

Copyright symbol

alt+0169 gives the copyright symbol in Voyager.

536 Funding Note

536 is added by the National Library only when there is intellectual resposibility.

German ss

alt + 225 for the funny character in gross

Wheelers books / M orders

If there is a BO from Wheelers for which an M order has been created, the BO book is to be returned.

J. Watson - Dec. 2010 team meeting

$$ on flags in cage

Include the GST in this amount.

542 Copyright

The 542 Marc tag is to be used when the copyright holder is not the same as the publisher or creator of the work. eg original publisher.

542 # # $f Copyright: Mainstream Press $g 2008

Kelli Dec 2010

James Bennett reply paid

From kelli 7/12/2010

James Bennett will pay for the material they send that is out of profile

Reply Paid 83516
James Bennett Pty Ltd
Returns Dept.
Locked Bag 537
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

YBP returns' address

From Kelli 7/12/2010

We will now be returning YBP material (BO27, 49, 92, 94) that is out of profile scope to:-

YBP Library Service
c/o James Bennett Pty Ltd
Unit 3, 114 Old Pittwater Road
Brookvale NSW 2100

YPB surcharge

If we are returning all the books on an invoice we do not have to pay the surcharge

Uploading to LA - What happens with merging

When the NLA uploads records they go through a match merge programme where records will match by number (local systen nos or LA control nos or LC control nos) or by title,(using the similarity algorithm. Then all records merge. If matched by number the NLA record will be the base record for the merge, but if matched by title the databse record will be the base record for the merge.

If two records are input on the same night then it depends on which file gets processed first.

All records merge. Some merge more than others. I don't like to use the word replace as I feel this gives the wrong idea

From Ian Dunn in Libraries Australia 20/8/2010


In voyager the only control we have over exporting records to Libraries Australia is the "OK to export" button. The "NLA replace .. etc" is only concerned with downloading records from Libraries Australia. This is done when the 019 matches . The "OCLC replace ...etc" downloads matching against tha 010 ie LC nos.. The replace settings have nothing to do with exporting records although the wording suggest this is the case.

1. Find a good record on LA
2. Copy the 019 field from the LA record.
3. Paste the 019 into the not so good Voyager record.
4. Save the 019 onto the poor record
5. Now "save to db" the good record and it will replace the bad one.

ditto for the 010

Hume requests

For wharehouse requests, special searches and inquiries, please use the new email address.
Hume requests =

PNG Pidgin English language code

In the oo8 field it is "Tok Pisin"

Indonesian Papua subject heading

Subject heading for the Indonesian half is:
650 # 0 $a Education $z Indonesia $z Papua.
651 # 0 $a Papua (Indonesia)x Politics and government.

No longer used are Irian Jaya and Irian Barat or West Papua.

Errata slips

Use double sided preservation tape(kept in LD) and insert neatly in the front of the book

Name authority headings

There are 5 authority files.
1. On Voyager (accessed by ctl + H)
2. On Libraries Australia. (access via USEFUL LINKS - LA AUTHORITIES)
3. LC authorities.
4. OCLC authorities. (mostly duplicates LC - access via "Voyager Remote")
5. VIAF (Will show you if LA & LC differ)

For Australian authors
LA is the authority.;sessionid=2910E3C41358E8625C7AA69BO56F53E3.ajp3e?action=Browse
If you find a discrpency between the files please get it corrected.
For all names we want the Voyager authority to be correct and up to date.

For all other authors
LC is the authority.
Again if you find a discrepency please get it corrected.

Therefore we use Libraries Australia Name Authority for Australian authors and Library of Congress Name Authorities for the rest.

There is a standards page on LA
Here you will get the lowdown on what has priority.
Basically it says LCNA is used except for Australians.

BO27 & BO49

Do not accept - BO27 & BO49 scanning for series
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies monograph series
Routledge research on gender in Asia
Routledge contemporary Asia
Routledge law in Asia
Routledge studies in the growth economies of Asia
Routledge contemporary South Asia series
China policy series
Routledge security in Asia Pacific
Routledge contemporary China seriessince we have a standing order for these series

CD with book

If CD comes with book and CD is to be kept the CD should be seperated from the book even though both will go to the same MT location. The CD will go in its own case (available from the poly box cupboard) ; the case will be security barcoded and labelled. Both the book, which is also barcoded and labelled, and CD will then go in a poly box which will also be labelled. There will be one holding record (hbk + CD),  and one item record (hbk + CD).

Australian authors

Here is a link to the NLA's Excel list of Australian fiction authors:
Please do not see this list as complete but rather as one place you can look.

A much better place to check is AusLIT

Online resource access code

Place a sticker over the access code in the item. The sticker reads:-

"National Library Users: Please purchase your own access code to use related online resource."

042 # # $a anuc

PNG material produced before independence in 1976 also gets an "anuc"

Related records that aren't related

In the example below as it appears on the OPAC, the "related record" is not related.

Record ID:______4691245
Author:________Kaplan, Fred M
Title:__________1959 : the year everything changed
Related records:__#_____Author_______Full Title
______________[1]........Gerbier, B.............Subsidium peregrinantibus, or
Publisher:_______Hoboken, N.J. : J. Wiley & Sons, c2009.

The record is showing as related because the 245 # # $a 1959 in the title is acting as a link to the 035 # # $a1959 in the supposedly related record. This is an automatic feature of Voyager but in this instance it is not required.

To kill this link we have to go to the linked record using a title search and delete the 035 # # $a 1959.

035 is a system control number; if it is the current Voyager bib. nos. get help from ILMS; it could be an item identification numbers from previous systems and can be deleted.

Creative commons

Provides up front permission for certain usages of material

1. Attribution.
2. Share Alike.
3. Noncommercial.
4. No derivative works.

How to record them in cat. records:-

540 # # $aMade available with permission of the author under Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License $u

540 # # $aThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License $u


If there is a filing indicator include initial articles (a, an, the)
$t omit article
$p omit article

25.2c Initial Article
Omit an initial article (see Articles, appendix E) unless the uniform title is to file under that article (e.g. a title that begins with the name of a person or place).

Fake CIP

Dear All,
As a result of reviewing our priorities fake CiPs at this stage no longer need to be photocopied and forwarded to the CiP unit (until further notice).
Many Thanks

Biography mark examples

"Cuttering under the person who is the subject of the book"
End processing manual C.3.1 some examples:-

New kind of war : ... Truman doctrine in Greece /Howard Jones
973.918 T867J

Public versus private power during the Truman administration / P.K. de Luna
YY 333.7932 T867D

Truman and Korea / Paul G. Pierpaoli
YY 951.9042373 T867P

Bookchin : a critical appraisal / Damien F. White
YY 304.201 B724W

examples not given in end processing manual as at 5.8.09

246 coding

246 1st indicator

0 Note, no added entry
1 Note, added entry
2 No note, no title added entry
3 No note, added entry

Note refers to a system generated note such as "other title" and "spine title".

We use 3.
Although it says "no note" Voyager actually does generate the note "Other title".
3 is most compatible with other systems in Libraries Australia. This is why we use it.

Below is an eg of indicator 1 Note added entry

246 1  #  $i Title on dust jacket: $a Platypus

OCLC numbers now in 035 field on LA records

When Libraries Australia records are added to WorldCat, OCLC supplies an OCLC Control Number (OCN) for each record. From 2009 these are added to LA records eg

035 $a(OCoLC)100000035

Please do not delete these, as they are useful to LA in identifying records.

q run relocated to wharehouse

852 1 # $b WHOUSE $k q $h Dewey $i ...
852 1 # $b GEN $k q $h Dewey $i ...

Cataloguing manual has been amended

Global Books in Print - Access

Access from the work place is through the online catalogue because it is IP authenticated.
Follow the trail below:-
1. Our web
2. Catalogue
3. Search for "Global Books in Print"
4. Click on the link Global books in print [electronic resource]
5. Click on the link Online Access National library access available on site only

Working copy end processing

If the working copy is going to be the only copy of the publication held by the library, then the catalogue and holding record should both be suppressed from the OPAC. Do not tick OK to Export.

If the working copy will be in addition to other copies held by the library , it will be suppressed at the holding level.

Holding screen

852 8 # $b WC

866 # 0 $x Working copy for [section/position name]

Item screen

The item must be barcoded.
Item record coded NFL
Enum : WC pbk (section/position name)

On the book

No spine label is needed.
Inside the back cover write in pencil: Working copy for [section/position name]
Stamp the item with the library stamp.
Accession details written on the contents page.
WC, xxxxxxxxx
The item is then hand delivered.

False CIPs

CIP let publishers know the correct CIP proceedure.

They make a photo copy of the title page and "false CIP" which are placed in a tray next to their in tray.

Then they write to the publisher using a form letter.

N digital content preservation 16 july 09

Preservation Selection Slip
[ ] Selected for preservation
For accompanied and stand alone material: preserve in Prometheus
Bib record - add
583 # # $aDigital content preserved $5 ANL
Holding record (in addition to existing Nmt holding for the physical item in the stacks)
852 # # $bPRU $hDigital preservation master [no 866]
Item record - none
[ ] Not selected for preservation
No preservation - send Nmt to stack


Items were marked as NFL will now be marked AFL. Please look in the end processing manual for full details but the basics are:
Locations code
MAPRF - NFL - still a reference collection so all material NFL
MAP - AFL - all material now electronic call slips

Cloning from Voyager

Make sure to remove all the control numbers

010, 019, 020, 022, 035, etc

930/ local collection

As it appears on NLA Voyager cataloguing record.

930 _0 |a Rex Nan Kivell Collection ; |v NK1750

As it appears on the NLA OPAC

Rex Nan Kivell Collection ; NK1750

930 = Local uniform title, series added entry.

Checking name authorities

1. Australian authors

The authority for Australian authors is Voyager.

Ctl + H gets you into the authority file.

NB Libraries Australia author authorities uses Voyager as their authority, and LC uses Libraries Australia for its Australian author authorities.

If there are errors, let the authority person know.

2. Overseas authors

The authority for overseas authors is the Library of Congress (LC) Authorities

This is located at:-

Check all names against this authority list.

If the Voyager authority differs from the LC Authority, let the authority person know

Subject headings

Number of headings:

2 Subject Headings for medium level.
6 Subject Headings for high level.
1 Subject Heading for more than 20% of the work.
Generally do not assign subject headings for literary works unless they are on a specific topic.

Order of headings:

For original cataloguing, use the guidelines on Order of Subject Headings in the LC Subject Cataloguing Manual (H80).
For copy cataloguing, do not change the original order of the headings.

Existing 6XXs:

For copy cataloguing, it is not necessary to update existing $x to $v.

If a record only contains juvenile LCSH, MeSH or other local headings, add LCSH heading/s as appropriate.

690 / 691 Local subject access fields

For maps and music, institution specific subject headings (691 and 690 respectively) are used for Australian items.

This copied from "National Library of Australia Cataloguing Guidelines"

Exporting Authorities to LA - May 09

*LA will start accepting files of authorities soon.
*Voyager will export authorities each night. Exports will include any new authorities created and any changes to existing authorities.
*LA will only accept new records or changed records containing an 016.
--Voyager authorities imported from OCLC must have 016 added.
--All records without 016 will be taken as new and added to LA.
*LA have a minimum requirements standard based on NACO standard.
*Authorities must either contain 010 or 042 anuc (with some rare exceptions).
*Authorities must contain a 670 to justify all elements of a heading & references.
*Authorities that include non-Latin script must include a note:
--667 $aRecord has non-Latin script (Chinese).

Exporting 856 fields to LA - May 09

There are problems with exporting 856s to LA. This situation is not resolved. It is being worked on by Bemal’s staff in LA.
*If a changed 856 field is exported to LA, there is no guarantee that the new 856 will overlay the one on LA.
*LA calculates the similarity between the incoming 856 and the existing 856 and decides to either:
--Overlay the 856
--Discard the incoming 856
--Add the incoming 856 as new
*Possible problems will result. Sometimes this will result in two 856s on LA – one correct, one old incorrect;
*OR we lose the incoming 856 and we are left with the old wrong 856 on LA.
*If you absolutely must have the correct URL in the record you will have to do it manually through the LA client.

040 Cataloguing Source

1.) Creating a new record: always use $a ANL $b eng.
2.) Creating a new record by transcribing from a catalogue card: use $a ANL $b eng $c ANL.
3.) When copy cataloguing do not delete or replace any existing 040 data.
4.) Always add $b eng in copy cataloguing if not already present.
5.) Always add $d ANL if making any changes at all, even if ANL is already in $a. This includes upgrading of ANL CiP or prepub ISSN records. However, if $d ANL is already present, do not add a new $d ANL if the two would be adjacent.
6.) Do not add $d ANL if no changes are made and you are only adding ANL holdings.
7.) For existing records in Voyager, if no 040 exists, check Libraries Australia for the correct 040 data and insert. Then add $d ANL as appropriate.

New BOs--BO89, BO90, BO91, BO92, BO93.

Three blanket orders with Blackwells:
BO49 (UK)
BO27 (US)
BO92 (Literary Prizes - UK and US) - NEW

Two blanket orders with James Bennett
BO17 (the usual one)
BO93 (for Aust fiction from UK and US) to be placed on AUS BO shelves -NEW

BO89 - NEW
BO90 - NEW
BO91 - NEW
When unpacking, insert a red flag and let APS5/6 know it has arrived

Packing Parcels

Only use cardboard boxes.
Suppliers have complained about damage sustained to items returned by padded bags.

James Bennett Addresses

Sending letters to James Bennett:-
Attn: Ms Julia Buckroyd
James Bennett Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 537
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

Address for book returns is:-
James Bennett Library Services
3 Barabang Way
Belrose NSW 2085

ISBN duplicate records

No need to send a duplicates report to Libraries Australia since the task of reporting these is automated.

BO17 duplicates

Sometimes Bennetts send another copy of a book they have already sent.
We keep a record of this duplicate from them at:-
The file name is
Duplicate returns - page 2 Oct 08- Mar 09.xls

Dewey for Australian fiction

Australian authors
Correct:- N A823.3 (1945-1999) or N A823.4 (in 2000s)
OCLC records have the Dewey 823.914. Do not use this
Incorrect:- N A 823.914

English authors writing fiction about Australia
Correct:-N 823.914
Incorrect:- N A 823.4 and YY 823.914

English authors published in Australia
Correct:- N 823.914
Incorrect:- N A 823.4 and YY 823.914

Voyager ending punctuation

Add a fullstop:-

245 250

Add a fullstop unless there is a closing ) or other punctuation:-

100 110 111 130
600 610 611 630 650 651
700 710 711 730
800 810 811 830

No fullstop:-

020 037 040 041 043 082
240 246 263
440 490

655 etc - Subject Access Fields

Remove any French Canadian headings. Do not remove juvenile LCSH, MeSH or other local headings.

If a record only contains juvenile LCSH, MeSH or other local headings, add LCSH heading/s as appropriate.

Remove non English subject headings eg from OCLC records

650 0 7 ‡a Auslandskorrespondent ‡2 swd

650 0 7 ‡a Berichterstattung ‡2 swd

651 # 7 ‡a Deutschland ‡2 swd

655 # 7 ‡a Aufsatzsammlung ‡2 swd

Copy Cataloguing

"National Library of Australia Cataloguing Guidelines" -- for creation & updating of bib records. Can be viewed at:-

G:\DIV1\_Division\Copy Cataloguing Review 2008

As of 20/11/2008-This will eventually be added to DIV1 DOCUEMENT INDEX (see USEFUL PLACES)

Several other interesting documents are als kept here

Cutter the NLA way

4.1.2. Initials, Abbreviations, and Acronyms in Cuttering

Cuttering follows the ALA Filing Rules (1980 ed.), which is basically word-by-word filing. Initials, abbreviations, and acronyms are filed as words with U.S. and Gt. Brit. as two exceptions.

EXAMPLES: U.S. Cutter for United States

WHO Cutter for WHO

Gt. Brit. Cutter for Great

St. Cutter for St

Ste. Cutter for Ste

Mc Cutter for Mc (not Mac)
NLA Mc cuttered as Mac
In our Cutter - no Mc

MEDLARS Cutter for Medlars

Dr. Cutter for Dr

IVth Cutter for IVth

T cells
Cutter for T
van d etc cuttered under vand

"Newspapers" prefered Deweys

In the general collection index to genealogies are placed in Dewey 929.
For the "Newspaper" (RX) collection please place at Dewey 079.

Changing NLA pre pub. holding - LD ruling

The N copy of an item may have the following "holding"

852 8 # $a NA $h Pre-publication record. Not yet published.

The PAT team has to change this to read

852 8 # $a NA $h Deposit copy NYR
NYR = Not Yet Received
used to be "N copy on back order".

Put printout of record in box "LD copy to be claimed"

Also the "suppress from OPAC" box must NOT be ticked.

534 original version note

LC have never used the 534 for reprints, reissues or new editions.
LC do not catalogue reprints.
Other libraries on Libraries Australia are using the 534 for the above purpose. Please let staff know that this is an incorrect use of the 534.

If you are cataloguing a microfiche, then use the 534 for the original version. (and other similar cases when there is a change in the format of the reproduction)

PBK commercially rebound with HBK

It sometimes happens that the pbk version of a book is rebound by another bindery with a hard cover. The pbk ISBN will be on the item and there may be another ISBN on the new cover. If the first book is the N pbk the second copy in a hard cover is the NL hbk.

Multiple books bound into one vol.

This causes a retrieval problem because the spine does not reflect the item being requested.

1. A seperate bib. record is required for each title in the bound vol. The record must contain a 591 tag (institution specific with note) containing "bound with" information. e.g.

591 # # $a Spine title: Insert the title ...
591 # # $a Spine title of bound vol.: Insert title ...
591 # # $a Cover title of NL copy: The title inserted ...
591 # # $a Spine title of N copy: Insert the title here ...

900 # # $a Bound with ... as needed.

2. The holdings

852 1 # $b GENY $k YY $h 248.2 $i C784 $l Garden and other tracts
866 # 0 $z YY hbk

The OPAC appears as:-

Collect from : Main Reading Room (Overseas Monographs Collection)
Call Number : YY 248.4 C784
Cover/Spine title: Garden and other tracts
Status: Available
Items/Idssues held: YY hbk

3. Item record

Attach the barcode placed in the bound volume to the item record for the first title.

For the remaining item records use retro barcodes.

There is a spreadsheet where you can find the list of dummy barcodes at:

J:\Barcodes for Voyager\Dummy Barcodes List.xls

All of the above is a summary of the notes located at:-

Dewey 016

Do not use this number for material going to the reference collection.
016 is the Dewey number for bibliographies.
Put the bibliography with its subject.
It would be difficult if the bibliographies in RF had 016 on them.

Delete 984

On older bib. records the 984 will appear with the call number.


984 # # $a GEN 270.1 HAM

This can be deleted.


020 # # ‡a 9781862876897 (pbk.) : ‡c $59.95

We do not bother adding the : ‡c $59.95

Except in CiP where we do add the cost.


For notes that only appear only on the National Libraries OPAC. These notes are not seen on Libraries Australia.


900 # # $a N copy signed by author.

900 # # $a N hbk no. 56 of 200. NL hbk no. 105 of 200.


YY (bound) instead of YY hbk
NL (bound) instead of N hbk

For a hard cover added after publication.

Only use Arabic numbers in multivol holdings

Correct YY v. 2 (hbk)
Incorrect YY v. II (hbk)


e.g. 1

Title page reads


Viking is considered to be the publisher.

260 # # $a Melbourne, Vic. $b Viking, $c 1998.

Sometimes a 500 note is added which should be deleted e.g.
500 # # $a Viking is and imprint of Penguin.

On the other hand:-

e.g. 2

First published in 2004 by WriteLight Pty Ltd for Bluedog Publishing.

260 # # $a Goondiwindi, Qld. :$b WriteLight for Bluedog Publishing, $c 2004.

(See AACR2 1.4D4 a)

Penguin always apply for the CiP but we don't know until a title arrives which 'publisher' to list. When this situation arises I will ask the Unit to adhere to the practice of listing as in this exampleViking, not Penguin as the publisher or Rigby and not Pearson Education etc..

e.g. 3

Glass House books an imprint of Interactive Publications.

260 # # $aCarindale, Qld. :$b Glass House Books, $c 2008.

Spiral bound

NLA no longer adds "Spiral bound" or "Spiral binding" in 500.

Dewey number only in $h

All literature prefixes should go into the k subfield, along with the Collection Prefix.

An example is:

852 1 # $b AUS $k N A $h 823.3 $i K33ch

If the letter comes after the main DDC, it should go into the i subfield, along with the Cutter.

An example is:

852 1 # $b GEN $h 822.33 $i R4 P966

This also applies to Shakespeare

ABC Books

260 $b ABC Books for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Australian Broadcasting Corporaton. (only if they own the copyright)
710 Australian Broadcasting Corporaton. (only if they own the copyright)

510 format

Citation/reference note.

Correct format is:-

510 4 # $a Ferguson, J.A. Australia, $c 17742.

510 4 # $a Hocken, T.M. New Zealand, $c p. 135-136.

2 spaces between the name and the country.


037 (publisher address) only inserted for self published material and not for major publishers like "Allen & Unwin".

Use capitals for the states as follows (CIP Manual)

RFq and MAPRFq

There is no need to put a "q" on RF material as there is no seperate run for quartos in the reference collection. Likewise with MAPRFs

852 # 1 $b MAPRF $k MAPRF $h Dewey $i Cutter

Monograph is an item containing less than 50% maps & the maps only support the text.

N & NL copies

In the Australian collection ideally we collect 3 copies:-
N hbk, N pbk & NL (pbk or hbk)

Publisher sends hbk copy for legal deposit:-

N hbk (LD copy)
N pbk (BO17)
NL hbk (BO17)

Publisher sends pbk copy for legal deposit:-

N hbk (BO17)
N pbk (LD copy)
NL pbk (BO17)

If the BO17 copies arrive before the LD copy they are both made NL
*NEWPublisher sends hbk & pbk for legal deposit:-

N hbk (LD copy)
N pbk (LD copy)
NL hbk (BO17)
NL pbk (BO17)

However for books published by Australians or about Australia from overseas we buy both N & NL copies and we do not necessarily get an NL copy as a matter of course.


530 # # $a Also available online. Address as at x/xx/xxxx: $u

856 4 1 $z Publisher's home page $u

Shows on OPAC as:-
Online resources Publisher's home page (This is a link)

It is important to have the complete URL in the 856 otherwise it does not show up as a linked resource on the OPAC.

updated 9/11/2011


NLA does not add a 520 as a matter of course, neither does NLA remove 520s created by others.

Australian Purchased Monographs team has been asked to remove 520 if it is not objective.

NZ & A in Dewey 820's

We only use prefixes for New Zealand (NZ) and Australian (A) literature


‡b GENY ‡k YY NZ ‡h 823.2 ‡i L431au

New edition ?

Library of Congress Rule Interpretation. page 8 1.0 August 2002

Addition, deletion or change of an ISBN does not constitute a new edition by itself.


Change in ISBN constitutes a new edition.


Self published material which is continually updated on a computer and only published when need. When the NL copy arrives it is different in a minor way to the N copy but is still treated as the NL copy.

Serial x 3 = serial record

Treat 1st & 2nd issues of a serial as a mono.
When 3rd issue arrives give it to the serials section, who will then consider it for a serial record.

Catalogue maintenance

The Trim file number for the Catalogue Maintenance Draft Proceedures is:-


504 - Bibliography

For All material

500 # # $a Includes index. (no bibliography but includes index)
504 # # $a Includes bibliographical references and index (scattered and index)
504 # # $a Includes bibliographical references. (Bibliographies scattered)
504 # # $a Includes bibliographical references (p. xx) and index. (1 bibliog. + index)
504 # # $a Includes bibliographical references (p. xx) (only a single bibliography)

Pbk & hbk on same record

For NLA a new record if pbk published in a different year to the hbk.


Please take any atlas across to maps after processing.
They will decided whether they want to keep it in the map collection or not.


In Government deposit (owner of copyright):-

540 # # $a Commonwealth of Australia.

540 # # $a Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

In Manuscripts :-

540 # # $a Not to be reproduced. (This has changed. I don't know what it is now))

Multi-vol preferred

Use a multivol record instead of having a record for each part