040 Cataloguing Source

1.) Creating a new record: always use $a ANL $b eng.
2.) Creating a new record by transcribing from a catalogue card: use $a ANL $b eng $c ANL.
3.) When copy cataloguing do not delete or replace any existing 040 data.
4.) Always add $b eng in copy cataloguing if not already present.
5.) Always add $d ANL if making any changes at all, even if ANL is already in $a. This includes upgrading of ANL CiP or prepub ISSN records. However, if $d ANL is already present, do not add a new $d ANL if the two would be adjacent.
6.) Do not add $d ANL if no changes are made and you are only adding ANL holdings.
7.) For existing records in Voyager, if no 040 exists, check Libraries Australia for the correct 040 data and insert. Then add $d ANL as appropriate.

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