Exporting 856 fields to LA - May 09

There are problems with exporting 856s to LA. This situation is not resolved. It is being worked on by Bemal’s staff in LA.
*If a changed 856 field is exported to LA, there is no guarantee that the new 856 will overlay the one on LA.
*LA calculates the similarity between the incoming 856 and the existing 856 and decides to either:
--Overlay the 856
--Discard the incoming 856
--Add the incoming 856 as new
*Possible problems will result. Sometimes this will result in two 856s on LA – one correct, one old incorrect;
*OR we lose the incoming 856 and we are left with the old wrong 856 on LA.
*If you absolutely must have the correct URL in the record you will have to do it manually through the LA client.

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