New BOs--BO89, BO90, BO91, BO92, BO93.

Three blanket orders with Blackwells:
BO49 (UK)
BO27 (US)
BO92 (Literary Prizes - UK and US) - NEW

Two blanket orders with James Bennett
BO17 (the usual one)
BO93 (for Aust fiction from UK and US) to be placed on AUS BO shelves -NEW

BO89 - NEW
BO90 - NEW
BO91 - NEW
When unpacking, insert a red flag and let APS5/6 know it has arrived

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Anonymous said...

Dear everyone,

This is to let you all know that a new, additional blanket order has been established with Blackwells for books that have won Literary Prizes. This is BO92. They may come EITHER from Blackwells UK, OR from Blackwells US, depending on where the book was published.

So we now have three blanket orders with Blackwells:
BO49 (UK)
BO27 (US)
BO92 (Literary Prizes - UK and US)

Invoices may begin arriving at any time. Please therefore check ALL Blackwell's invoices to ensure that you put the right BO number on the white flag. When the first BO92 arrives, please let me know, so I can have a look at it.

Scanners, please scan the material as normal. However, unlike the other Blackwell's invoices, there IS a written profile to refer to in the folder. I have also provided a link to the online version below. This profile contains a list of the prize categories that the BO covers, and whether we are taking just the finalists or all of the nominess as well. So please check all titles against this list.

bilbo\DIV1\TechServ\Monographs\PurchasedMono\Blanket Orders\Profiles\BO92 Dec 2008 (literary prizes)

Voyager processing
Catalogue as normal, as always checking for duplication before you begin. (We are particularly keen to ensure that the same book doesn't come from both the US and the UK on BO92).

For processing the invoices, below are the details you need:

Vendor: 2715 (UK), 0049 (US) as appropriate to invoice in hand.
Parent fund: OSMONBO
Fund category: Reporting