655 etc - Subject Access Fields

Remove any French Canadian headings. Do not remove juvenile LCSH, MeSH or other local headings.

If a record only contains juvenile LCSH, MeSH or other local headings, add LCSH heading/s as appropriate.

Remove non English subject headings eg from OCLC records

650 0 7 ‡a Auslandskorrespondent ‡2 swd

650 0 7 ‡a Berichterstattung ‡2 swd

651 # 7 ‡a Deutschland ‡2 swd

655 # 7 ‡a Aufsatzsammlung ‡2 swd


Anonymous said...

Number of headings:

Ensure there is adequate access to the topics covered by the item.
Generally do not assign subject headings for literary works unless they are on a specific topic.
Order of headings:

For original cataloguing, use the guidelines on Order of Subject Headings in the LC Subject Cataloguing Manual (H80).
For copy cataloguing, do not change the original order of the headings.
Existing 6XXs:

For copy cataloguing, it is not necessary to update existing $x for form subdivisions.

Anonymous said...

690 / 691 Local subject access fields

For maps and music, institution specific subject headings (691 and 690 respectively) are used for Australian items.

This copied from "National Library of Australia Cataloguing Guidelines" (see previous entry)