Cutter the NLA way

4.1.2. Initials, Abbreviations, and Acronyms in Cuttering

Cuttering follows the ALA Filing Rules (1980 ed.), which is basically word-by-word filing. Initials, abbreviations, and acronyms are filed as words with U.S. and Gt. Brit. as two exceptions.

EXAMPLES: U.S. Cutter for United States

WHO Cutter for WHO

Gt. Brit. Cutter for Great

St. Cutter for St

Ste. Cutter for Ste

Mc Cutter for Mc (not Mac)
NLA Mc cuttered as Mac
In our Cutter - no Mc

MEDLARS Cutter for Medlars

Dr. Cutter for Dr

IVth Cutter for IVth

T cells
Cutter for T
van d etc cuttered under vand

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