Related records that aren't related

In the example below as it appears on the OPAC, the "related record" is not related.

Record ID:______4691245
Author:________Kaplan, Fred M
Title:__________1959 : the year everything changed
Related records:__#_____Author_______Full Title
______________[1]........Gerbier, B.............Subsidium peregrinantibus, or
Publisher:_______Hoboken, N.J. : J. Wiley & Sons, c2009.

The record is showing as related because the 245 # # $a 1959 in the title is acting as a link to the 035 # # $a1959 in the supposedly related record. This is an automatic feature of Voyager but in this instance it is not required.

To kill this link we have to go to the linked record using a title search and delete the 035 # # $a 1959.

035 is a system control number; if it is the current Voyager bib. nos. get help from ILMS; it could be an item identification numbers from previous systems and can be deleted.

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