Name authority headings

There are 5 authority files.
1. On Voyager (accessed by ctl + H)
2. On Libraries Australia. (access via USEFUL LINKS - LA AUTHORITIES)
3. LC authorities.
4. OCLC authorities. (mostly duplicates LC - access via "Voyager Remote")
5. VIAF (Will show you if LA & LC differ)

For Australian authors
LA is the authority.;sessionid=2910E3C41358E8625C7AA69BO56F53E3.ajp3e?action=Browse
If you find a discrpency between the files please get it corrected.
For all names we want the Voyager authority to be correct and up to date.

For all other authors
LC is the authority.
Again if you find a discrepency please get it corrected.

Therefore we use Libraries Australia Name Authority for Australian authors and Library of Congress Name Authorities for the rest.

There is a standards page on LA
Here you will get the lowdown on what has priority.
Basically it says LCNA is used except for Australians.

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